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How to Set Up Automated Vacation Reply in Hotmail Account

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The online marketing and e communication took things to the next level. Email is our best ally when it comes about communication; it is quick and authentic too if comes from a reliable source. Email communication is an integral part and of course we don’t want to miss anything from any email.

Since the inception of Email communication, there are so many email service providers and Hotmail is one of those first one to provide any such services. This is one of the promising products of computer giant Microsoft Inc. Microsoft introduced it and it has been improved a lot since a long while.

Vacations are meant to enjoy and get relief from regular life. When you are on vacation, you will not defiantly want to get frequently for your work, but how could everyone know that you are not available due to vacations. This is next to impossible to inform everyone in your professional and personal network that you are on vacation.

Now, how to do it?

What, if there would be any important mail get unattended during your vacation?

If you are a Hotmail account user then you don’t need to be worried as the solution is here with the Automated Vacation Reply feature call to Hotmail Customer Service Number. This is a wonderful feature which you can use while going out or on some vacation when you don’t want to miss any mail and also don’t want to get disturbed with frequent mail.

Benefits of Automated Vacation Reply feature

  • It’s a huge load off your shoulders
  • You won’t lose any business or new client
  • An economical alternative to actual employees
  • Build strong long-term relationships with all your clients or contacts as you care for them

The next thing is that, how to set up this automated vacation reply in your Hotmail account; well we have this quick guide for you. You can learn and get the Automated Vacation Reply activated.

  • The first step is to open your Hotmail account and from the top right corner of the first page, click on Options > More options
  • After that, from the Managing your account, click on Sending automated vacation replies
  • Then you need to check on Send vacation replies to people who e-mail me for activation of Automated Vacation Reply
  • And type the text or message you want to send to people, after that Click on Save button
  • Once you are back from vacation, make sure to click on Don’t send any vacation replies and Save
  • You can specify the alternative contact details in case of emergency
  • This will be activated once your vacation will start